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If all your CPA does is data entry, you might be paying too much in taxes.

There’s simply no way to determine if you are missing out on potential tax savings for your business without knowing more about you, your personal goals, the type of business you own, who you serve and where you serve.

You see, not all tax deductions, credits and incentives can be determined by the numbers alone. Some credits are available based on who your hire, what equipment you purchase, the geographic location of your business, where your employees live and so on.

Which is why we go beyond the numbers to save you money.

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When your tax preparer is not involved in the accounting process, you may be missing out on tax savings.

Often critical information or action that should have been taken during the year prevents you from taking full advantage of the tax benefits you were entitled to. We realize you are busy running your business and don’t have time to research all the potential tax savings available to you.

This is why proper recordkeeping is vital; not just at tax time, but throughout the year to ensure the proper record keeping and time sensitive deadlines are met. Combining our tax and accounting services allows you and your business to eliminate uncertainties, reduce bookkeeping/tax time stress and even save for retirement.

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All in one tax and accounting services to help you optimize tax benefits, reduce stress AND save for retirement.